Geweldig dat we hier mochten binnenkijken! Bij toeval binnen gelopen en blij verrast door de mooie kunst en vriendelijke mensen.

- fam. Mosselveld -


In innerlijkheid
in eeuwigheid
vinden wij elkaar in kunst

- Willie Diepenhorst -


A space with subtle allure, drawing the creative spirit to adventure and inspiration.
Each room exudes the warmth not only of the creative spirit that lives there but of the past on which the present is built.
History written in the walls descends to inspire the fresh, vibrancy of a new creator.
In romantic and sensual floral abundance, warm golden hues of precious metals and stones, in the strokes of a paintbrush on newly stretched canvases to the walls and space adorned by the creations of many artists and designers she awakens the soul. Where time stands still and accelerates at the same moment advancing into a world of beauty and possibility. Where dreams are created to soothe and inspire the thirsty mind.
Where mystery and beauty collide in spectacular abandon.
The Koopmanshuys is a tardis of adventure.

- Leena Blom -